Point of care

Our fantastic range of point of care chemistry equipment allows every laboratory and clinician to perform daily chemistry tests without the high costs that are typically involved.

- Agappe Diagnostics - Mispa i2

- Lite on technology - Skyla HB1

- Opti Medical systems - Lion electrolyte analyzer


Agappe Diagnostics

- Offering a world class manufacturing site, Agappe are focused on research, design and production in the clinical chemistry field. We are proud to be partners with this global player as we bring you the MISPA i2.


  • Specific protein analyzer

  • 22 Parameter assay panel including HBA1C, RF, ASO, Micro-albumin and more.

  • Smart card calibration.


Mispa i2 brochure
Mispa i2 brochure.pdf (2.27MB)
Mispa i2 brochure
Mispa i2 brochure.pdf

Lite-on Technology

Lite-On is a pioneering Taiwan company and has broadened her business scope by developing innovative medical diagnostic product since 2011 and this will be the next growth driver for Lite-On group.

Skyla HB1

  • Fully Automated system for simple operation.

  • 15 simultaneous measurements in 15 minutes.

  • Power-on system self-test and precision calibration, ensuring instrument stability.

Skyla HB1 brochure
skyla Hb1 brochure.pdf (860.19KB)
Skyla HB1 brochure
skyla Hb1 brochure.pdf

Opti Medical Systems

An innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of near-patient, clinical diagnostic equipment, Opti medical has a reputation for leveraging advanced diagnostic technologies to develop reliable, cost-effective products.

Lion Electrolyte analyzer

  • Lab quality results with zero standby cost.

  • Single use cassette only used during measurement.


  • Parameters measured are pH, Na+, k+, Ca++, Cl-

Opti Lion Brochure
opti-lion-brochure-english.pdf (1.09MB)
Opti Lion Brochure